[ Presentation ]

This annual international congress is born out of the necessity of creating a space for debate and reflection about the unstoppable evolution of New Animation Technologies in different media and platforms, and their relation to the world of Education, Art and Communication.

It will be a meeting point for promotion and exhibition, at the service of every teacher or creator that uses animation techniques as artistic, educational or communicational support.

[ Objectives ]

1.To stir up an interdisciplinary exchange between educators, creators, technicians and theorists.

2.To Reflect and enhance the strategic importance that the intersection between Animation and Technology has and could have in the society of knowledge.

3.To analyse the relationship that exists between new animation technologies and the educational, communicational and social necessities nowadays.

4.To pay attention and give support to the animated artistic innovation.

5.To offer the international community a common forum of reflection, analysis and open debate, dealing with at the same time the philosophical, ethical and social problems that the progress of the digital imagery causes.