Through an online gala, Cortos de Encierro was held, the first animation festival on disability in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Inter-American Development Bank recognized the winners of the “Filminutos” contest, which had 66 films received, 8 of them finalists.

A jury made up of experts in the inclusion of people with disabilities and professionals from the animation and creative industry awarded the IADB Award for Best Short to the short film “Burbujas” by Sara Gutiérrez Jimenez from Mexico. In addition, the winner of the short film chosen by the audience’s vote, the short film “Ellas” by Ariana Rivas and Oriana Silva from Venezuela, was recognized.

During the event, the finalist works of the contest organized by the IADB together with the Quirino Awards were exhibited to reflect on the challenges faced by people with disabilities in the “post-COVID-19 world”, as well as four animated short films, commissioned by the IADB, on key tools for comprehensive care for people with disabilities, addressing fundamental issues such as autonomy, independent living, legal capacity, and provision of integrated services. These four commissioned works have been “Rutas“, by Osa Estudio (Argentina); “No decidan por nosotros”, by Nocroma Art + Animation Studio (Colombia); ”Independientes”, by Fedora Producciones (Mexico); and “El pirata soñador”, by Mecha Pro (Venezuela).

The virtual gala, presented by Sergio Alejandro Araque and Delfina do Porto, had the participation of several representatives and activists for the inclusion of people with disabilities who connected from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through a Facebook Live event. To date, the gala has more than 15,000 viewings. Both the gala and the commissioned short films and finalist pieces can be seen again at this link, as well as learn more about the diversity initiatives that are being implemented in the region.