La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana (The Ibero-American Animation League)

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards together with Animation! Ventana Sur (Argentina) and Pixelatl Festival (Mexico), joined forces to create the Ibero-American Animation League.

This alliance responds to the objective shared by the three events to promote the creation and development of audiovisual projects across the region, consolidating collaboration bonds among Ibero-American countries.

Since its launch in 2018, different initiatives have been carried out, the most important being La Liga award, an invitation for an Ibero-American project as fully paid participant in the three events. 'Two Little Birds', the series co-production project between Can Can Club from Argentina and Palermo Estudio from Uruguay, was the first La Liga award winner.

For the second year in a row, one of Animation 2019!'s finalist projects was awarded in Buenos Aires with La Liga Award. The winning project was the ‘Firsts’ series by Typpo Creative Lab (Chile). Directed by Bambú Orellana.

In addition, in 2019 and 2020 other initiatives have been carried out from La Liga: Ibero-American artists have been invited to make their own version of the original logo designed by the Argentine Juan Pablo Zaramella. Studios from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Ecuador were the first ones to create pieces that circulated on social networks. You can see these pieces in this link.

In 3D Wire 2019 (now called Weird) two La Liga Awards were awarded in the call for projects, winning the feature film "Os demónios do meu avô" co-production between Portugal, Spain and France (Sardinha em lata, Basque Films, Marmitafilms) directed by Nuno Beato; and the Spanish series "T-Rey" (Barbara Animation Studio) directed by Aurelie Lilly Bernard and Jose Ignacio Molano (Mol). The award, collaboration between INCAA, Ventana Sur, ICAA and La Liga, allowed them to travel and participate in the last edition of Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, for the Annecy Festival and its Market MIFA, there was a special program bringing together Ibero-American participation in the event. In 2020, this brochure was re-produced with all the Ibero-American participation in Annecy, in addition to having its own space The League of Ibero-American Animation in Focus, where the winners of Animation! Ventana Sur will be presented as well as the winning project of La Liga special call in the Quirino Awards: ‘Winnipeg, the ship of hope’, co-production between Chile (El Otro Film), Spain (La Ballesta and 3 Doubles) and France (Marmitafilms). Also, the project ‘BFFS! Best Friends Forever Stranded!’ by Jose Balbuena, Spain, he received a special mention in this call.

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All Quirino Awards activities will run from May 26th to June 27th, 2020..

The event will have 3 complementary parts:
• Awards ceremony
• Coproduction and business forum
• Projections, conferences and activities

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