La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana (The Ibero-American Animation League)

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards together with Animation! Ventana Sur (Argentina) and Pixelatl Festival (Mexico), joined forces to create the Ibero-American Animation League.

This alliance responds to the objective shared by the three events to promote the creation and development of audiovisual projects across the region, consolidating collaboration bonds among Ibero-American countries.

Since its launch in 2018, different initiatives have been carried out, the most important being La Liga award, an invitation for an Ibero-American project as fully paid participant in the three events.


“Two Little Birds”, the series project co-produced by Can Can Club from Argentina, Palermo Estudio from Uruguay and Señal Colombia, was the first winner of the La Liga Award. Directed by Alfredo Soderguit and Alejo Schettini, adapted from the book “Dos Pajaritos” by Dipacho.

Two little birds that live in the same tree. One is white and the other is black. Both live in peace and harmony until something new enters the scene. Whatever it is, an absurd object or a visitor, they will start a crazy competition where they will take the crazy situations to the extreme. More information and where to see it.

In 2019 it was the turn of the “Firsts” series by Typpo Creative Lab (Chile) and co-developed with Pajaro Studio (Chile). Directed by Bamboo Orellana. Original idea by Javi Risco, Michelle Redón, Catalina Fontecilla, Bárbara Salinas and Bambú Orellana.

“Firsts” is an anthology series for the whole family that tells the stories of women who became pioneers in their fields, from sports and art to science and different social movements. Each chapter tells the story of a woman from a different country and time, in an inspiring and fun way. More information.

The Uruguayan feature film “Olivia and the Shadows” by Juan Carve and Chucho.TV was the winner of the 2020 La Liga Award.

After the death of her mother, Olivia must move to the strange island of Little Caledonia. During La Noche de las Sombras -the most important celebration of the town- he will discover that something strange is happening, and he will have to reconcile himself with his darkness to defeat a dangerous enemy that stalks the island: fear. More information.

And in 2021 the winning project was the Brazilian series “Berg’s Books” directed by Rubens Belli and produced by Cao Quintas and the Brazilian production companies Latina Estudio, Belli Studio and Ultrassom.

The Berg Bookstore, home and business of the Ksiazkabergs, strives to keep up in times of technology. We follow Beni, a 12-year-old boy who, while studying and helping his family, struggles to overcome his daily insecurities and be able to explore the world while helping others.

The Colombian feature film “Chocó: and the Magic Jungle” by Estefania Piñeres was the winner of La Liga Award 2022.

Chocó, a thirteen-year-old girl, will face her worst nightmare when her younger brother, Nuquí, is devoured by one of the monsters that haunt her town. Chocó will embark on a journey to find Mukira, the monster that ate her brother, and perform a ritual that promises to return Nuquí.


In 2019, for the Annecy Festival and its MIFA market, a special program was made compiling the Ibero-American participation in the event.

In 2020 this brochure was produced again with all the Ibero-American participation in Annecy, in addition to having its own space La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana in Focus, where the winners of Animation! Ventana Sur 2019 in addition to the winning project of the special La Liga call at the Quirino Awards: “Winnipeg, the Ship of Hope”. The other projects that were part of La Liga in Focus were the series “Firsts” by Typpo Creative Lab (Chile) and “Pipas” by Mono Animation (Brazil), as well as the feature films “O Reino dos Pássaros” by Lupa Filmes & Amoria Studio (Brazil) and “Coda” by JPZtudio (Argentina) and Zumbástico Studios (Chile). See more.

In 2021, for the third consecutive year, La Liga brought together all of Annecy’s Ibero-American programming in one brochure. MIFA’s 2021 La Liga in Focus included La Liga Award “Olivia and the Shadows”, the winning short film project of La Liga award in Shortway / Pixelatl “Where is my expresso” and the award-winning projects in Animation! Pitching Sessions 2020: “Desechable” by Nocroma (Spain) and Jaibo Films (Spain), “GhostBros” by Yellow Kingdom (Argentina), and Anima Kitchent and WeDoo (Spain) and “Que Venha a Revolução!” by Lupa Filmes and Buraco de Bala (Brazil).

La Liga in Focus MIFA 2022 is composed by: the TV series “Berg’s Books” (Brazil) -La Liga Award-, “Cottom Bottom Town” by Caballo Loco Studio (Colombia), “Kitty Eight” by Bicicleta Casa Audiovisual (Peru) – Winner Mentoring Program-, the feature films “Chaskis, Messengers of the Sun” by Star Toons Animation (Peru), “Halloween” by Lucy Animation Studio (Colombia) and the short film “Don’t Cry” (Colombia) – winner of La Liga award at Shortway / Pixelatl. And for the fourth consecutive year, La Liga has compiled all Ibero-American programming at Annecy in one brochure!

In 2023, La Liga in Focus MIFA will host the projects: the series “The Impossible Future” by Piensamarketing (Argentina), “Kale’s Museum of Spookiness” by Studio Chifrezz (Brazil) and “Esther” by Rudo Company (Argentina); the short film “Unfolding” by Cine Bandada (Mexico); and the feature films “My Dad the Truck” by Pez Dorado Animaciones (Colombia) and “Chocó: and the Magic Jungle” by Letrario (Colombia)


In addition, in 2019 and 2020 other initiatives have been carried out from La Liga: artists from all over Iberoamerica have been invited to make their reversal of the original logo designed by Argentine Juan Pablo Zaramella. Studies from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Ecuador were the first to create pieces that circulated on social networks. You can see all these pieces in this link.